Focus on the Root not the Fruit

Photo of a tree with roots showing

Many times we spend time talking or focusing on the things that are happening to us at this moment. But we seldom pause and reflect about the cause or what we did in the past that has us here.

Most of the things that are happening now are a reflection of some decision we made in the past. Some things that we have avoided or some things that we knew we had to do but chose not.

How many times we have had the opportunity to change our habits, but decided not to? How many times we have postponed doing things that we know are good for us and rather choose to do something else?

How many times have you decided to binge watch a series on Netflix rather than start working on your book, on your blog or on your craft?

That’s why we should focus on the root and not on the fruit. We should focus on establishing a clear solid foundation that way when we build things we will get a strong and good result. If we want to avoid the steps it takes to do things and just pretend that we will have a great outcome without putting in the work, we are wrong.

photo of a grapevine with grapes showing.
Photo by Rohit Tandon on Unsplash

So what are the things you are doing today that will help you create the future you want? All the decisions that you make today, will certainly have an impact tomorrow. So choose wisely and focus on the process and not the end result.