Defy The Odds

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

When life gets you against the rope, defy the odds and keep pushing. When you face a setback, keep going. When life gets hard, keep going. If you keep going then you will break through. There is no limit to what you accomplish, only what you set your mind to. Remember the power of your mind. Don’t worry about the things that are happening, worrying doesn’t help a damn. Just keep working. Try to adjust and adapt, but defy the odds, defy your critics, defy all those that say it can’t be done. Trust. You will make it. Just DON’T quit. Ever.

Play the cards you’ve been dealt. It’s only a game, and at some point the odds will turn in your favor.

Don’t make excuses. Just keep going. Life will get better and you will get better at life.