Have to Do vs Got to Do

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

We can see things as obligations or as gifts that we get to do. Although it’s only a slight change of words it makes a lot of difference.

On your daily activities do you “have to go to the gym” or do you “get to go to the gym and workout”?

Do you have to go to work (and suffer it) or do you get to work on something you are passionate about? If you start seeing things as obligations it will be harder to tolerate or harder to do. But if you see them as things that you get to do, you will see how fortunate you really are.

With a slight change of words or attitude things will seem much better. We get to see things as tragedies or as things that can show us lessons. How we see the world shapes it. And the world mirrors what we have inside.

So rather than seeing as terrible, see it as a wonderful place where things happen and we can mold life accordingly. What the world needs definitely is less complaining and more gratitude.