You Choose

Photo by Randalyn Hill on Unsplash

You can fuel the things that you do either with love, or with hate. You can fuel it to prove yourself. Or to prove those who “wronged” you. You can fuel it to do it for love or for revenge. To do it because it’s your calling, or because you want to prove somebody else. One of those have a better purpose and it’s more sustainable in the end.

You can live your life with a “chip” on your shoulder, going around blaming everybody else for the life you have, for your circumstances or for how things are going. Or you can get your act together. Figure out that blaming others is not worth it, and that you must do things because you want to.

Never forget that you are here for a reason. To leave a better world. One of the two makes better sense. Which one are you going to choose? Love? Revenge?