A Calm Mind, A Fit Body and A House Full of Love.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

For the last couple of weeks I have been following Naval. I think his insights, his vision and the way he says things are something that everybody should listen to and try to apply to their daily lives. He has a way of really breaking things apart and making them easy to understand.

Specifically this last quote from his podcast really rung a bell and struck a chord:

“A Calm Mind, A Fit Body and A House Full of Love. These things can not be bought. They must be earned”


The things you do every day and all the decisions you make regarding your thoughts, the food you eat, the exercise you do and the love you create. Those are the things that will define your life in the end. They will be molding who you become. And they are not given. You really have to work to obtain them. You have to unlearn bad thought patterns. You have to learn to think better. You have to train your body and you have to be full of love, and that only can happen if you love yourself. With those 3 (not so simple things), you will be on your path to build a better life not only for yourself, but for the ones around you as well. The hardest part of this is to make sure that one understands that some of the patterns that you currently see and that things that happen to you are just an effect of the things you think.

This will certainly bring you to realize that happiness is a choice that you can make and a skill that you must develop. For the last couple of years I have been really working hard on trying to change my thought patterns. I successfully managed to beat depression a few years ago. I have changed my habits to try to avoid negative and toxic people. I know I am still very far from where I want to be, but I have to accept that I have made very good progress.

I hope you can all have a calm mind, a fit body and a house full of love. I would also add that I wish you can do all the things that spark your passion.